'Tis the divorce season? Holidays' dark side

Tis' the season? Along with 'stocking stuffers,' 'divorce parties' is among the top six searches today. No need for divorce to dampen a festive mood!

'Tis the divorce season? Along with “stocking stuffers,” “divorce parties” is among the top six searches today, as indicated by Verizon Central.

Divorce-Online, “the oldest online divorce service in the UK,” would not be surprised. Mark Keenan, Founder, says: 

relationships that are already in trouble are likely to falter during the Christmas break with all the stress it can bring emotionally and financially, and that the decision to separate appears to be taken during the festive break, with many couples then launching their divorce petitions 2 years later.

Divorce-Online is currently running a poll: “Does the stress of Christmas cause divorce?” YES trumps NO 2 to 1. 

No need to miss out on tis’ the season to party, however; Just make it a divorce party! 

“You, too, can celebrate the end of a marriage in style; Divorce parties aren't just for the stars anymore,” Houston Chronicle, December 2:

From Pamela and Kid Rock to Reese and Ryan to Britney and Kevin, divorce seems to be the order of the day for today's celebrities. But where it may have once been considered a time of sadness or even embarrassment, some are choosing a more upbeat approach, reveling with friends and even holding "divorce parties" to celebrate new beginnings.

Former Meet the Barkers star and Dancing With the Stars contestant Shanna Moakler increased awareness of such parties when she held one, complete with a three-tier cake featuring a knife-wielding bride and bloodied groom, earlier this month at the Bellagio's Light Nightclub in Las Vegas.

Want to know how to throw a divorce party?:

So now you've made it through the crud of divorce. You and your spouse have finished your negotiations with each other, and the divorce decree is final or at least in the works. What's the natural thing to do? Throw a party, of course.

I don't need to tell you this, because you know. The whole idea of a divorce party is that it's a rite of passage -- a way of erecting a big bright sign for yourself and your friends to say "It's over. That part of my life is behind me now."

What you do at your divorce party depends on how you feel about the divorce, whom you invite, and just how impaired you get. Here are some of the things I think make sense at divorce parties:


Stupid cards, balloons, and signs,
Obscenely decorated cakes. My favorite so far (censored...),
Lots and lots of stories,
A reasonable amount of alcohol consumption,
Watching First Wives Club (or Le Divorce, or War of the Roses, or Waiting to Exhale) on TV,
Burning of the marriage license,
While we're on a burning theme, consider writing down all the terrible things your spouse did to you during the marriage and burning them. You might consider having everyone else write down something they want to shed too,
Divorce songs.


Final words of advice: "Now go have a good time. You've earned it!"