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VIRTUAL EXHIBITS: Microwaves-- From Your Kitchens to the Edges of the Universe, Small is Big--The Coming Nanotechnology Revolution, The Ultimate 19th Century Writing and Communications Machine, US Patent Office Sex Inventions...

"TODAY'S LINKS" September 18, 2006

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TODAY'S LINKS September 18, 2006 FOCUS ON ONLINE MUSEUMS: Revolutionary Engineering Virtual Exhibits, History of the Typewriter Virtual Exhibits, and did you catch the Virtual Museum of Sex…



Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers asks:

imagine life without telephones, TVs, computers, x-rays, lasers, and the Internet. Hard to do? As diverse as they may seem, all these technolgies, and many others, have one thing in common--they all use electricity and magnetism.

For hundreds of years, engineers have been finding new ways of using electricity to revolutionize the way we work, learn, play and communicate. Here you'll explore the history of these technologies, find out how they work and learn about some of the people who invented them. Featured exhibits online:

Let's Get Small: The Shrinking World of Microelectronics
World War II: How War Impacted Technology; How Technology Impacted War
The Beat Goes On: How Sounds are Recorded and Played
Microwaves: From Your Kitchen to the Edges of the Universe
Small is Big: The Coming Nanotechnology Revolution


The typewriter is one of the great inventions of 19th Century communications technology. Between the 1860s and 1920s engineers, inventors and even carpenters invested all their creativity in the development of the ultimate writing machine. This virtual museum, that is based on private collections of antique typewriters from around the world, is a tribute to their ingenuity. Featured exhibits online:

Brands: alphabetical overview of all the typewriters in the virtual collection.
Timeline: chronological overview of early typewriters from the 1870s to 1930.
Keyboard typewriters: find all the different sorts of typewriters with keyboards.
Index typewriters: list of machines with index cards and pointers.
Related Collectables: an overview of items that are closely related to the typewriter.
Library: an extensive collection of historical photographs.


In "Virtual Museum of Sex" I present the Museum of Sex's first online curated exhibit from its flagship Fifth Avenue museum in Manhattan, at “Virtual Museum of Sex”. Among the four inaugural exhibits showing online, US Patent Office Sex Inventions:

The devices depicted here represent over a century of American sexual technological innovation, and offer a unique look into the history of American ideas about sex and sexuality...MORE

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