Top Android news of the week: Cortana new powers, Androids more loyal, BlackBerry

This week in Android came images of a rumored BlackBerry, news that Cortana got new Android powers, and word that Android owners are more loyal.
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Cortana can now replace Google Now

Microsoft's digital assistant on Windows was released last month on Android. It was run like any other app, so Cortana was only available when running.

No longer, as an update to Cortana now lets Microsoft's assistant replace Google Now. Just a swipe up on the home screen brings up Cortana, as long as it's been set as the default assistant app.

Source: ZDNet

Cyanogen claims more users than Windows Mobile and BlackBerry

The company that started as a simple custom ROM maker claims it now has more users than Windows Mobile and BlackBerry combined. That's 50 million users, according to the company.

The surge in use of Cyanogen's OS is due in part to making the OS easy to install compared to early versions.

Source: Neowin

Images of BlackBerry Android phone emerge

BlackBerry has long been expected to make a phone running Android and this week images emerged of a phone that could be the first.

There is a slide that looks to show an Android version of BlackBerry Hub.

Source: CrackBerry

Android users more loyal than those of iOS

Data shows that over the last two years Android device owners are slightly more likely to buy another on the platform than those with iOS devices.

Eighty two percent of Android owners bought another while 78 percent of iOS owners did.

Source: CNET

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