Top Android news of the week: License for maps, device loses Google Play, Alexa gains new AI guru

This week in Android we learned of an old vulnerability to hacking, saw a device lose access to Google Play, and India wants control over digital mapping,


Amazon hires top AI expert for work on Alexa

Amazon continues to push the envelope with Alexa, the AI behind the Echo, and hired an AI expert from Xerox Parc. Ashwin Ram tweeted about joining Amazon, but the company has not commented on his hiring.

Source: TechCrunch

Millions of Android devices vulnerable to malware


A security researcher has discovered that millions of devices are vulnerable to hacking due to software by Qualcomm. The vulnerability has been around for years and allows hackers to change device settings, access SMS messages, and view the call history.

Source: ZDNet

Remix Mini loses Google Play


The Remix Mini, a puck-like Android device from Jide, lost ability to access Google Play in the most recent update to the OS. The company advises owners who need to access Google Play to forego this update and continue to run an older version that has access.

Source: ZDNet

Proposed law in India will require Google to get permission to produce maps

A bill in India would require companies to get a license to offer and publish maps in the country. This would directly affect Google and its popular Maps for Android and other platforms. The bill calls for hefty fines or prison time for violators.

Source: Mashable