Top Android news of the week: Migrate Windows Mobile to Android, more malware, Amazon device sales double

This week in Android came word of new malware hitting China, Amazon crushed holiday sales, and how to migrate Windows Mobile info to Android.


Holiday records see Amazon device sales double

'Tis the season for Amazon to be jolly as the company made record sales. These started with signing up three million new Prime members and extended into Amazon devices.

The company sold twice as many devices this year compared to last year.

Source: The Verge


Thurrott: Microsoft accounts work fine on Android

Windows guru Paul Thurrott tested Microsoft software and found it works well on Android. Those switching from Windows Mobile to Android can take their data with them to Google's mobile OS.

Thurrott has a good tutorial showing the best way to get all information on the Windows Mobile side migrated onto an Android device.


Google to switch to OpenJDK for Android N

We don't know what the next version of Android will be called but it won't be using Google's own implementation of Java as current versions do. Google has stated that it will switch to the open source version of Java, OpenJDK, for Android N.

Source: Venture Beat


Spywaller malware hits Android in China

Another dangerous strain of malware has infected devices, this time in China. Dubbed Spywaller, the malware masquerades as "Google Services" and quickly goes after detected firewalls.

The Google Play Store is not available in China so Android device owners get apps from third-party app stores. This exposes them to threats like Spywaller.

Source: Tapscape