Top iOS news of the week: Jailbreakers compromised Apple logins, Android Wear, Cisco alliance

This week in iOS we heard that jailbreakers resulted in a massive security breach, that Android Wear has come to the iPhone, and that Apple and Cisco have partnered.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor

Android Wear watches now work with iPhone

Certain Android Wear smartwatches can now work with iPhones due to an update from Google. The support is currently limited to notifications and fitness tracking but Google promises to extend this.

Only the LG Urbane is supported currently but Google intends to rapidly extend support to other late model watches.

Source: ZDNet

Apple partners with Cisco for business

The folks in Cupertino have formed an alliance with network giant Cisco to optimize the latter's networks for working with iOS. To make iPhones a better fit for the enterprise, the two firms will work to make Apple's hardware work well with Cisco's communications services.

Apple is proving how serious it is about getting into the enterprise as this partnership and the existing one with IBM demonstrates.

Source: ZDNet

225,000 Apple logins stolen due to jailbreak attack

More than 225,000 Apple logins were stolen due to a hack of jailbroken iPhones. The passwords were stolen without the owners knowledge. This massive attack was only possible when phones were jailbroken, a confirmation of Apple's stance that jailbreaking compromises security.

Source: TNW

Apple and Samsung headed to fourth patent trial

The long-running saga between the two largest smartphone makers is going to continue, as a fourth trial will take place early next year. The latest trial will be to redetermine the damages Samsung must pay Apple for infringing on its patents.

The court has already ruled in favor of Apple that several of Samsung's smartphones infringed on some of the former's patents.

Source: Ars Tecnica

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