Top iOS news of the week: Self-healing phone screens, bigger iPad, iPads and babies

This week in iOS reports surfaced of research that promotes giving iPads to infants, hints of a larger iPad, and of self-healing phone screens.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor

Code in iOS 9 hints at bigger iPad

Rumors of a large iPad have been around for a while, and some code in the next version of iOS hints at such a tablet. The code discovered in iOS 9 allows scaling the onscreen keyboard to a larger size than ever before.

This along with the multiple window support in iOS 9 makes one think that the iPad Pro may actually happen.

Source: ZDNet

Give babies iPads at birth for faster learning

Scientists have concluded that babies learn faster with iPads than with books, even newborns. The study by the University of London determined that iPads stimulate infant brains better due to the movement on the screen.

This study flies in the face of previous studies that found that too much early tablet use stunts children's social development.

Source: Daily Mail

Phone screens that heal themselves coming soon

Cracked phone screens happen far too often given treatment that is often rough. Dealing with a repair can be trying and expensive, especially for iPhones.

That may not be the case much longer as a firm has developed a chemical process that makes glass phone screens heal themselves. Self-healing screens are expected to start appearing on phones in just a few years.

Source: Forbes

Publishers unhappy over terms for new iOS 9 News app

At the launch event Apple spent a lot of time showing off the News App coming in iOS 9. It presents users with a news magazine tailored to them, and it looks promising.

Potential publishers for the News App aren't so thrilled about it as Apple sent them an email stating they agree to the terms and conditions Apple sets forth if they remain silent. It's unusual to have silence indicate acceptance to terms and conditions.

Source: Cult of Mac

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