Top Windows Phone news of the week: Lumias left behind, missing targets, TalkMan images

This week in Windows Phone saw leaked images of a new Windows Phone, an explanation for the phone division write-down, and word that a lot of Lumia phones won't get Windows 10.

Microsoft filing: Phone division missing internal targets

Filings to the SEC by Microsoft shed light on the company's $7.5 billion write-down last month. The documents detail that the Phone Hardware division was failing to hit internal targets.

The write-down led some to believe that the end of Windows Phone was near, but Microsoft has expressed support for the platform.

Source: Geekwire

Not all Windows Phones may get Windows 10 Mobile

Despite stating in the past that the company's goal was to get Windows 10 Mobile on all its Windows 8 phones, details of requirements indicate that is not the case.

Microsoft now says that it hopes to bring Windows 10 Mobile to handsets running Lumia Denim, which leaves over a third of Lumia phones ineligible.

Source: PC World

Windows 10 Mobile to allow charging phones while turned off

An individual testing Windows 10 Mobile says a recent build of the software allows his phone to remain off when the power cable is plugged in. Previously, plugging in the cable booted the phone up with no way to avoid it.

It's not clear if this is a feature that will remain or if it's just being testing by Microsoft.

Source: WinBeta

Images of new Windows Phone leaked

Microsoft is expected to release two flagship Windows Phones later this year, CityMan and TalkMan. Images of what is supposed to be TalkMan have leaked online. They are engineering prototypes so don't have the final look, but Windows Phone enthusiasts are excited to see evidence of TalkMan's existence.

Source: Neowin