Town nixes school plan for server sharing

School superintendent says municipalities sharing net services is against the law.
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Usually Connecticut educators are happy when students collaborate on projects, but when it comes to sharing a server, the superintendent says, "No way!" reports The Journal-Inquirer.

The voters support it, as does the the First Selectman, but the Town Hall and the Board of Education will not be linking servers any time soon as Superintendent Gregory Little said two systems would not be able to connect because of state legislation.

"Despite previous verbal communications to the contrary between officials at the state and Tommy Litwinczyk, network administrator for the Windsor Locks Public Schools, the State of Connecticut does not currently allow municipalities to share Internet services," Little wrote.

The Town Hall wanted to connect with the Board of Education because its main server is nearing capacity. A linkup would save money while enhancing the services at Town Hall. There may be hope for a future linkup for municipalities to connect with Internet services provided by CEN, said the executive director of the Connecticut Commission on Educational Technology.

"While shared Internet services is not permitted at this time, I am still committed to discussing collaborative arrangements between the Board of Education and the town regarding technology," Little wrote.
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