TransACT nabs five-year datacentre deal with Austrade

iiNet company TransACT has secured an AU$1.7 million deal with Austrade for datacentre services.
Written by Chris Duckett, Contributor

The Australian Trade Commission, Austrade, has signed a five-year, AU$1.7 million datacentre deal with TransACT.

Austrade said that the deal supports the organisation's datacentre and infrastructure plans, allows for future growth, and provides the organisation with the chance to "seriously consider" cloud initiatives.

"Co-locating our centres in Canberra secures our datacentre future for the medium term, and lets us take advantage of near-proximity, fibre-connected centres," Nick Woodruff, Austrade's global manager for IT service delivery, said in a statement. "This gives us architectural options not possible with our current model, given our disaster recovery facility is in Sydney."

The deal was struck under the auspices of the federal government's "Ready Now" panel for datacentre facilities, which is managed by the Department of Finance.

The trade commission will be moving into facilities that are already used by 12 other Australian government clients, including the Finance department and CrimTrac, the national information sharing service for state, territory, and federal law enforcement agencies.

TransACT sold its Canberra fibre network to NBN Co for AU$9 million in May. At the time, the network covered 8,500 premises, with 4,500 in the pipeline.

Under the deal, TransACT is due to complete the construction of pit and pipe infrastructure in new estates until 2017, and then transfer ownership to NBN Co, which also gets access to ducts across the ACT.

If the final 4,500 premises are completed, the deal raises to AU$14 million in total.

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