Transparent Android screen app prevents you hitting that lamp post

Indulge in your social media fix without colliding with objects when walking, thanks to a new Android app.

We've all seen it, or fallen prey to the temptation. Something incredible pops up on Twitter, you're indulging in chat over Facebook -- and you walk straight into a lamp post. Or, in another scenario, trip over an unidentified object and land face down in something unpleasant.

A new application has just hit the Android market which allows users to indulge in their social media fix, and yet refrain from injury or embarrassment.

This free app allows an Android user to keep up to date and use their smartphone while remaining aware of any impending objects around them. Simply, it turns your screen transparent, and comes equipped with a variety of different opacity settings.

By using your rear-faced camera function, opacity levels can be changed. However, transparency is not a new feature, and other apps have covered this ground. What makes this particular application different is that it does not focus on particular tasks, such as texting. Instead, it turns your entire phone transparent, removing restrictions on what you can do while walking without potentially causing yourself bodily harm.

The app isn't perfect, but it does the job intended. While testing I did find that on higher video resolutions there is some lag -- but this is to be expected when the camera, GPU transparency and normal UI are all operating at the same time.

It does like to drain battery life if used over a longer period of time, and it is best used on the lowest resolution setting. However, for occasional use, this app could come in handy.

Grab the app in the Android marketplace.