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Travel Tech Q&A: Parallels' David Dzienciol

Parallels' APAC vice president David Dzienciol shares his travel tips with us, including how to zip in and out of airports in no time.
Written by Michael Lee, Contributor

David Dzienciol is no stranger to travel as he watches over the Asia-Pacific region in his role as Parallels' regional vice-president. His company is better known among Mac users who want to run Windows in a virtualised environment, but it also provides web hosts with management control panels and small to medium businesses with ways to integrate cloud services together.

David Dzienciol. (Credit: Parallels)

What tech do you travel with and why?

Mobility on the go is my travel mantra. As I travel often, I always need to stay connected with work and family.

My must-have travel tech includes my MacBook Air, Blackberry, Bose headphones, and my Samsung S3. I also carry my iPad along, to catch up on shows and movies when I have the time.

From a software perspective, I always have the latest version of Parallels Desktop (PD8) on my laptop, just in case I need access to certain Windows applications and programs.

What tech do you miss from home?

I miss the luxury viewing that comes with my iMac and Apple TV.

What's your favourite phone app for travelling and why?

Trip Advisor; the reviews are accurate and honest.

Personal travel advice/tip?

Travel light (no liquids and flammable, dangerous items), as it will make it easy to zip through immigration and customs to catch a flight, especially when you're running late.

When you queue at immigration, always queue next to the domestic/VIP lane, as you will always be directed to join that lane when nobody is in the queue.

How do you deal with jet lag?

Sleep and sleeping pills.

What (if any) travel websites do you use?

Airline sites, Trip IT, Trip Advisor, and hotel sites.

What tech is in your briefcase?

MacBook Air, Blackberry, iPad, Bose headphones, and Samsung Galaxy S3

What is your one must-have piece of tech when travelling?

My MacBook Air.

What was your biggest travel disaster?

Getting on an earlier flight from the US to Hong Kong, and being delayed by 24 hours.

Is there one thing you must do before you leave home?

Kiss my wife and two boys goodbye.

What is the best airport you've visited and why?

Tel-Aviv; the food and duty free is exceptional.

What was your last tech purchase?

Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE for its big screen and great apps.

Where is the best place you've been for duty free tech shopping?


What tech do you expect in hotels when you are travelling?

Internet. Fast and free.

What is your dream travel tech to have on planes/in airports/at hotels?

A software that will allow seamless mobility/experience from MacBook, to iPad, to Blackberry, to Samsung, or any mobile device, and an endless power supply.

Favourite destination city to work/visit, and why?

Tokyo. Everything seems to be connected.

Name one thing you wish your iPod/phone/laptop could do that it doesn't do now?

Connect into one single charger (charging device).

Which airport would you prefer to be stranded at and why?

Hong Kong. It's a great airport; I know my way around and I can always get home real quick.

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