Truphone for iPad now supports 3G calling and IM support

Truphone for iPad was just updated and now provides you with the ability to make free calls over 3G and WiFi. Truphone also added IM support to the iPad application that is available now for free.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer on

I like discovering applications and services that make my life easier and more efficient, especially when they are well done and eliminate redudancy. I previously wrote about Truphone Local Anywhere and how I won't travel overseas again without this SIM card in my phone. Yesterday, Truphone announced their latest Truphone application for the iPad (iTunes link) that brings support for calling over 3G networks and instant messaging from the iPad.

Truphone for the iPad now lets you make free calls to other Truphone, Skype, and Google Talk users over WiFi and 3G anywhere in the world. I don't personally have a 3G iPad so I can't test this newest feature, but I do use it over WiFi (including WiFi through my HTC EVO 4G or T-Mobile phone). You can also make very low cost calls to landlines and mobile phones over WiFi. The new IM integration lets you connect via Truphone, Facebook, Skype, Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk, and AIM. Twitter support is also provided in Truphone for iPad. The presence function lets you know when your friends are online and really points out the need for multi-tasking on the iPad.

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