Tumblr not right for biz blogging? Platform targets entrepreneurs

A new site called inflite.com, currently in beta, is focused on hosting blogs written by small-business owners and professionals and boasts tight links to Twitter, LinkedIN and Facebook.
Written by Heather Clancy, Contributor

Talk about a novel place to introduce new software. A Los Angles-based Web developer called Inflite Group is using the Sundance Film Festival as the place to launch its new blogging platform and social network specifically targeted at entrepreneurs. It's actually not so strange, since one of the first companies using the site is Fender Music Lodge.

The new site, inflite.com, is pitched at entrepreneurs or small-business executives that are looking for a place to share commentary about their personal business experiences and to increase the exposure for their company. Posts that are published on the platform are automatically copyright-protected (a big deal in this era of content rip-off galore). As you might expect, content can be posted via a mobile application (right now, it is an iPhone App). Posts on inflite.com can also be set to automatically populate your accounts in Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIN and (oh, okay) Tumblr.

There's one catch: you have to apply to be included, at least in the beta testing process but my guess is that it will be an exclusive network so that the focus can be kept tight. Said Inflite cofounder Kevin Tighe:

"As an entrepreneur, I do not want to host my personal website on the same platform as my 13-year-old nephew, and I do not want to place that content directly on my company's Web site."

The site is in beta, which means features won't be locked in stone and the whole thing is a grand experiment and you can't even get into it unless you apply and are approved by the company. That's not necessarily a bad thing, it's just an entrepreneurial thing, which most of you can relate to anyway. If you want to get an idea of what you might expect, you might want to check out inflite Group's other blogging platform, SocialiteNation.com.

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