Twitter ads can now be targeted based on email, user IDs

Digital marketers can now use their companies' CRM databases for creating tailored audiences on Twitter.


Advertisers bringing their campaigns to Twitter can hone in on their audiences through knowledge of items as simple as email addresses and user IDs.

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The social network announced some new methods being made available for tailored audiences, a program that launched in December for connecting businesses with potential customers that have demonstrated interest in a given product through activity outside of Twitter.

Twitter announced on Tuesday that companies will be able to use their own customer relationship management (CRM) databases for this purpose. Outside of internal records, digital marketers can also fashion tailored audiences via information publicly available on Twitter, such as usernames, user bios, verified status, followers, and past Tweets.

On the flip side, Twitter is also introducing excluded audiences based on these aforementioned metrics.

Twitter users themselves may or may not like being roped into these campaigns without prior consent. In the case of the latter, Twitter is following with the opt-out approach. These users will have to take the initiative to go to their settings menu and uncheck the box next to "Tailor ads based on information shared by ads partners."

The expansion of its tailored audiences scheme reflects Twitter's ongoing quest to drum up more potential revenue schemes while defending itself against critics, lately arguing that the company's stock is overvalued.

We'll know more about the foundation of Twitter's stock price when the San Francisco-based company turns in its first quarterly earnings report as a public company on February 5.

Image via the Twitter Advertising blog