Two solutions for Apple's sliding profits: Convertible notebooks and cellular networks

To most of us, Apple's success approaches rocket ship status, but to analysts and investors, it's a different story. I have two ideas that could help Apple move into a higher orbit.

It might seem silly to read a headline that Apple's first quarter 2013 profits are off, but that's exactly what's happened. It has caused Apple stock to suffer a double-digit slump today. Shocking, I know. But there are two things that Apple can do, at least in my mind, to boost sales and expand its reach into the future. The first is that Apple can create a new, convertible notebook computer and it can buy US Cellular. Are you shocked at these suggestions? They make total sense to me.

The Apple convertible notebook

Apple complains that the iPad has hurt its Mac sales. Well, that shouldn't surprise you or anyone. It is, after all, the post-PC era, isn't it?* That's what I thought they wanted to happen. I guess we were both wrong.

Anyway, here's my idea for a convertible notebook. I think the Macbook Air would be the perfect choice for this idea, by the way.

A Macbook Air is a really cool notebook/ultrabook computer. To make it cooler, allow its screen to detach from the keyboard to become a tablet, and make the screen touch-capable. Convertible. I would have to buy one. It would be like getting two computing devices for the price of one. A notebook and a tablet. Ultra convenient and ultra useful. Ultra big-seller, too.

The Apple Cellular network

To my knowledge, US Cellular is the only major US cell carrier that doesn't support Apple phones and related hardware. I think Apple should buy US Cellular and make it an exclusive Apple provider. Just think of it. Two great companies merged into one that provides awesome integrated service and hardware to its customers.

US Cellular has a great cellular network. I used it exclusively for many years, until my family wanted iPhones and we had to change to AT&T. What a downer that was. We loved US Cellular. Great service. Great prices. Great network. But, alas, no iStuff. So we bailed after being faithful customers for more than 10 years.

Apple would do well to purchase the cellular provider and make it an exclusive Apple network. I'm fairly sure that Apple's profits would rise from selling its cellular gadgetry direct to the public, and then supporting those services themselves. Just think of the possibilities if Apple had its own cellular network. Perhaps there'd be an unlimited data plan for iPhones, exclusive service offerings, and better service integration. Right now, the cellular competitors are trying to supply services to too many different types of gadgets, and can't do any of it efficiently.

An all-Apple solution gets my vote.

So there you have it. My solution for Apple is to create a new product and to acquire its own cell phone network business to provide exclusive Apple network services. Can you just imagine the corporate buy-in to such an acquisition? I can.

So, to Apple: you're welcome.

Maybe I should be Apple's next CEO. I have a lot of ideas for new products, new services, and a new Apple.

What do you think of my ideas to bring more profits to Apple? Do you like the idea of a convertible Macbook Air? How about my idea for an Apple cellular network? Talk back and let me know.

*If you've kept up with this column, you know that I hate the term "post-PC era." It's just silly.