UBL progress report at XML 2005

More reports from the XML frontlines.
Written by Joe McKendrick, Contributing Writer on

As I noted earlier this week, Kurt Cagle has been providing regular posts at his blogsite on happenings at the XML 2005 conference, which just wrapped up this week.  Wednesday's observations are here, and Thursday can be found here.

Thursday's coverage includes details from a session on Universal Business Language (UBL) by Sun's Jon Bosack. Cagle also reported on a session on XForms by Klaas Bals of Inventive Designers, and another by Dr. John Boyer, editor and co-chair of the W3C XForms Working Group.

Kurt explains that based on Bosack's talk, UBL is making progress as OASIS' effort to define the terminology and schemata for business transactions. The standard is important because UBL is all about "the creation of common vocabularies and schemas that are interchangeable between businesses for e-commerce and EDI."  UBL 2.0 is on track for release 3Q 2006.

Thanks to Kurt for his detailed coverage of the event -- and putting it all in perspective.


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