Ubuntu One Files available now for iOS

The parent company of the best Linux distro around now offers their free Ubuntu One Files service for your iPhone.
Written by Ken Hess, Contributor

Ubuntu One Service on an iPhone 4.

Ubuntu One Service on an iPhone 4.

If you'd like another 5GB of free space and don't mind making the crossover to Linux-based storage to do it, then Ubuntu One Files is a perfect solution for your iOS-based device. That's right, the awesomest Linux distro of all now offers a free 5GB of cloud-based (Oh, there's that horrible word again) storage for your pictures and other files. You can also selectively share your files with your coworkers, friends and your other devices (Windows, Linux, Mobile, Web) through the Ubuntu One service. And, Ubuntu One Files is fully hooked-in to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and your blog so that you can upload files directly to any of them without being tethered to a computer to do so.

For now, the App only works on the iPhone. It would be nice, as one reviewer also noted, if Canonical would make an iPad version too.

After your iPhone's Camera Roll syncs to your online Ubuntu One storage (which may take so long that you think it's not happening at all), your Camera Roll photos will automatically upload. It's sort of like an Eye-Fi card for your iPhone. You can set the Ubuntu One client to only upload when you're connected to WiFi so that you don't run up a huge data charge. So far, AT&T doesn't offer an unlimited data plan. And, frankly, that irritates me to no end. I'm paying close to $100 per month for the stupid combined phone, text and 2GB data service. You'd think for that price, I could have unlimited data transfers. Personally, I think it's foolish for people to pay that much for phone service but I need it for my writing, so I'm "thowin' down" the buckazoids for it.

So, you might be asking, "Why is Canonical doing this?" And, that is a very good question.

My answer is that it's a money-making opportunity for Canonical. There's nothing wrong with that, either. Making money is a good thing, especially since Canonical gives away Ubuntu free of charge or obligation.

If you want to use more than 5GB, you'll have to pay for the usage at the rate of $2.99 per month or $29.99 per year for 20GB.

There's also a 20GB music streaming add-on to the service for $3.99 per month or $39.99 per year.

To get started with Ubuntu One, go to http://one.ubuntu.com and sign up for a free account. You automatically have 5GB of storage. In the web application, you can create folders, share folders, upload files and more. Then, download the App onto your phone and computer. If you have the QR App on your iPhone, you can download the Ubuntu One App directly from their site.

In the Ubuntu One App, login with your Ubuntu One username (email address) and password and you're in. Tap the Settings icon in the App to control how the App works on your device.

The PC and Linux applications have similar settings, shared folders and upload capability.

Try Ubuntu One Files and let me know what you think of it.

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