UK educator: Teach creationism

So this is the state of science education? I just don't know what to think anymore.

So this is the state of science education? I just don't know what to think anymore. The Times of London reports that Britain's director of education at the Royal Society says creationism should be taught in science class.

In a kind of waving the white flag Rev. Prof. Michael Reiss said one in 10 children don't believe in evolution; teaching creationism would stop them from writing off science entirely.

“An increasing percentage of children in the UK come from families that do not accept the scientific version of the history of the universe and the evolution of species. What are we to do with those children?” he said.

“My experience after having tried to teach biology for 20 years is if one simply gives the impression that such children are wrong, then they are not likely to learn much about the science that one really wants them to learn.

“I think a better way forward is to say to them, ’Look, I simply want to present you with the scientific understanding of the history of the universe and how animals and plants and other organisms evolved.” Discussing Creationism in a respectful way made it less likely that children would ignore science or detach from it, he said.

He added that he felt children would not be marked down for expressing creationist opinions in science exams: “As far as I’m aware examinations in science don’t penalise students for giving their personal opinions.”

Reasonable enough, but such teaching belongs in social studies, not science class IMO.
“There is no evidence for a creator, and creationism explains nothing. It is based on religious beliefs and any discussion should be in religious studies.” Dr John Fry, a physicist at the University of Liverpool, said: “Science lessons are not the appropriate place to discuss Creationism, which is a world view in total denial of any form of scientific evidence. Creationism doesn’t challenge science; it denies it!”


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