Universal Desktop Daily - Thursday, November 30, 2006

Laszlo goes WebOS, an open source take on Rich Internet Applications, RIApedia, Flex in the wild and info on XBAP deployment

Hey, sorry about the lack of UDDs. With Thanksgiving and then general hectic-ness I haven't been able to highlight things as well this week. It's a shame because there are some cool things going on. Here's a rundown from the past few days.

  • Richard MacManus has the scoop on Laszlo and a WebOS. I'm a huge fan of OpenLaszlo, but this caught me by surprise. They seem to be trying to expand the direction of the product, which is great, but I'm not sure about this idea. At least it makes things interesting.
  • Keep an Open Eye has a good writeup of the RIA space. He comes away impressed by Apollo, which is something I've noticed a lot. There's a big focus on Apollo in places where Adobe traditionally hasn't been able to reach. I think that bodes well for the product and for RIA adoption.
  • Mike Potter has started RIApedia which could be a very cool resource for people interested in Rich Internet Applications. He says he's planning to cover mostly Adobe technologies, but that will make for some good examples.
  • Some Flex apps are starting to be unveiled. Digital Positions blogged about their Mednikow Jewelers app. I blogged about Pikeo, a Flex 2 photo sharing application, over on Digital Backcountry and it also hit TechCrunch yesterday.
  • Charles Petzold has an interesting, and valid critiszim of XBAPs. Ashish, who is in charge of the packaging and deployment for XPAB has a good rebuttal. It's a good inside look at Microsoft and kudos should go to Ashish for responding. It's worth a read to understand a bit more about XBAP deployment.