Universal Desktop Daily - Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Jeremy Suriel starts blogging, Aral Balkan on the FlashForward MacWorld Keynote, a breakdown of Microsoft vs. Adobe, the ActionScript 3 libraries on Google Code, Tim Sneath with a new list of WPF and WPF/E bloggers and the new Yahoo Messenger application written in WPF.
Written by Ryan Stewart, Contributor

  • I noticed that Jeremy Suriel of Goowy and Yourminis has a blog. He's got a lot of experience in building RIAs and I'm looking forward to reading what he has to say.
  • Aral Balkan has a detailed writeup of the FlashFoward MacWorld Keynote. There were some good demos and some interesting information it sounds like.
  • FlexLive has an interesting breakdown of Microsoft vs. Adobe. It does seem like there is more overlap now than there has ever been.
  • Mike Chambers blogged that the open source ActionScript 3 Libraries have been moved over to Google Code.
  • Tim Sneath has an updated list of WPF and WPF/E bloggers. I think I subscribe to most of those and I don't think you'll be lacking information if you download the OPML.
  • I'm still gathering information on this but TechCrunch has a writeup of Yahoo's Vista Messenger which is written in WPF. The video presentation looks really slick.

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