University admissions site launches 3D platform

The University of Rochester, U.S., has launched a 3D campus model for prospective students.
Written by Charlie Osborne, Contributing Writer

A new application developed by the University of Rochester, U.S, aim to give prospective students a more transparent and interactive view of what it is like to study and live on one of its campuses.


RocRes, created by the university's admissions office, is aimed at providing an insider's view of what it is like to live on campus -- going further than the usual open days where students only get a limited glimpse of university life.

The 3D models feature dormitory rooms, 360 degree panoramic views and interactive views of Rochester's River campus. If you click on a particular building you would like to investigate, you can view information (as of writing, some remains to be added) as well as view images of the structure -- most of them artfully angled.

Satyajit Dattagupta, director of enrollment communications, said:

"Several students wanted to know more about residential life even after they had a campus visit. We're trying to give students as much information as we can and make [the site] fun for students to explore residential options."

Although the information based is currently limited considering its recent launch, the idea is one other universities may want to consider. Although it isn't necessary for similar launches to have the same use of 3D platforms, offering an interactive alternative that can be accessed online may entice students to become more interested in particular academic institutions.

The platform does possess easy navigation, and thinking back to my own cluelessness when it came to choosing university accommodation, I would have benefited from this kind of platform. It is also likely become a useful tool for international students who are unable to visit during the application process.

Image Source: RocRes


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