Update: Virgin.net closes in on Surrey hacker

Darkest Surrey could be home to Virgin.net trouble maker

It has been revealed that the investigation into Virgin.net's security problems are being handled by the Surrey police.

In a statement, Surrey police says it is directly involved with the ongoing investigation, perhaps giving a clue as to where the company's antagonist lives.

The police refuse to disclose whether the recent security scare has been traced to Surrey or indeed whether a malicious hacker was responsible for the incident.

However, according to superintendent Martin Jauche of the Clubs and Vice Unit at Charring Cross police station in London, this is the most likely explanation. He says, "Usually this would go through the computer crime unit, unless Virgin have got some offices in Surrey."

Virgin.net has no offices in Surrey.

Asked if Virgin.net is confident it will prosecute someone soon over the security scare, a spokesman says, "We are very hopeful."

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