Urban advocacy council advocates producer responsibility for waste management

Advocacy organization for more than 19,000 cities adopts resolution calling for "extended producer responsibility" when it comes to recycling and waste management.

Attention those of you who sell products that have a lot of extraneous packaging. Or products that are known to have an adverse effect on the environment. The U.S. National League of Cities has written and adopted a resolution that favors producer responsibility for handling disposal and overall lifecycle management.

This resolution got my attention because it comes just a few weeks after a coalition of states lined up to blast an electronics industry lawsuit against New York City that seeks to alter some of NYC's recycling and technology takeback policies.

The basic premise behind the new resolution is that product manufacturers and the direct consumer, not taxpayers or local governments, should be responsible for dealing with the lifecycle impact of their product.

Here's a statement from Heidi Sanborn, Product Policy Institute Outreach Director and Executive Director of the California Product Stewardship Council: "This resolution empowers local governments by speaking with one voice on the need for waste policy reform. It tells Congress to protect producer responsibility legislation at the state of local levels."

It also puts manufacturers and product vendors on notice that state and local governments will play hardball on this subject.

You can find a copy of the resolution at this link.

This post was originally published on Smartplanet.com