US braces itself for 'Homepage' worm

Situation may get worse as the US wakes up, say experts
Written by Will Knight, Contributor

Situation may get worse as the US wakes up, say experts

Antivirus experts warn that the worm, known as Homepage, which has already been seen all across Europe, could get much worse once US workers get into work.

"I'm sure once people start getting into work they will see these messages," says vice president of European sales and marketing for Trend Mico, Raimund Genes. "The question is, will they click on [them]?"

Genes says that even if a small proportion of US users click on the attachment, it could spark a upsurge in reports. "The next wave could be much bigger than what we have seen in Europe."

Alex Shipp, chief antivirus technologist for MessageLabs, a UK firm that supplies companies with virus blocking technology, says that the worm has probably not yet peaked.

MessageLabs estimates that the worm has spread through Europe almost as quickly as the LoveBug virus and says it has seen more than seven thousand copies pass through its systems. The majority of cases have so far occurred in Australia and Europe, but Shipp says that the worm shows no sign of slowing up.

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