US, Canada, Russia--near the head of the class

Top greenhouse gas emitters doing the least to curtail emissions: Canada, Russia, Saudi, US.
Written by Harry Fuller, Contributor

Who are high on the list of global warming deniers? I'm not talking verbal deniers, but in actions? A report out today says Canada, Russia, Saudi Arabia and the U.S. are high on the list of nations doing very little to curtail greenhouse gases. This should be solace to GW deniers. In the U.S. Al Gore does not yet have total dictatorial power over their very souls. Nor control their exhaust pipes and chimney. Pollute, baby, pollute.

What nations were ranked as doing better on curbing emissions? UK, Sweden, Germany, Brazil, Mexico.


I blogged previously that Canada's public stance in Copenhagen on GW is now being criticized by more activist nations and groups. Canada's national government is now getting heavy internal criticism from its more populated provinces for pretecting the tar sands industry in spite of what damage that might do to the environment and the nation's international standing. This urban vs. rural split is very similar to what we find in the U.S. on energy policies from offshore drilling to nuclear power to rail transit to corn subsidies.

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