Users are flocking to social plus networks like Fishbrain

During the pandemic the world witnessed a social media migration, as users flocked to social plus networks.

Instead of spending all day doomscrolling on Facebook or Twitter for the latest bad news, users are now splitting their time between several social+ networks that cater towards the specific communities they care about

Companies have been creating niche activity-specific communities for a while. The users on apps such as MyFitnesspal, Strava, TikTok and Spotify are all in social networking bubbles talking to people with similar interests to them.

Social+ networks combine a community with a specific category, format or experience. For example, athletes log exercise on Strava (category), entertainers create TikTok videos (format), while gamers compete on Fortnite (experience).

Stockholm, Sweden-based start-up Fishbrain released its app for anglers and anyone interested in fishing a few years ago.

Backed by Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin, Fishbrain is a social plus network for anglers who like to share information about fishing gear, and best spots to fish.

Users are flocking to Social+ networks like Fishbrain and away from Facebook and Twitter zdnet


Fishbrain claims to be the world's largest social+ network for anglers and people interested in fishing.

Usage surged during 2020 with an overall increase in user registrations of +61% in 2020, compared to 2019.

Fishing is one of America's most popular and top-grossing hobbies, and almost three times the size of the music industry which, according to the IFPI, generated $20.2 billion between 2019-2020.

There are more than 50.1 million anglers over the age of 16 in the U.S., who collectively spend nearly $50 billion in retail sales.

During the pandemic, Fishbrain saw a 26% increase in user growth from 2019 to 2020.

During lockdown growth in the US alone increased by 11.2% in April, 17.8% in May, 19.5% in June and 14.8% in July 2020.

Texas users grew by 11.7%, California by 8.7% and Florida by 8.2%

Fishbrain now has over 11 million users worldwide who have logged over 10.5 million catches. They want to get the insights, tools and support they need to enjoy the hobby.

The app has interactive maps and forecasts so that users can find new places to fish, record their catches, plan trips and share tips on the most effective bait and techniques.

The app uses an AI-powered species recognition feature to recognise specific species in upload images. It has a weather forecast, a personal fishing logbook and a social community so that you can track the activity of other Fishbrain users when they record their catches.

The app also dabbles with social commerce. Users can tag the gear they used to land a catch which enables other users to shop for the most effective gear used to land a catch.

Johan Attby, CEO and Founder of Fishbrain said: 

As its growing popularity became clear, Fishbrain was established with the aim of providing fishing enthusiasts with a digital platform that can be a tool for every part of their angling experience.

With data and sophisticated technology at its core and an engaged community as its heart, Fishbrain has become a social network that both inspires and equips users across the globe to have more fun by fishing smarter, not harder.

There are two versions of the app – a free version, and a Pro version for $74.99 that connects you to extra features in the app.

Pro gives you depth and contour data maps, advanced fishing forecasts that use machine learning to analyse data from the catches already logged in the app to calculate the optimal time it takes to catch a specific species.

It also integrates with Siri if you need to know the best fishing spot for the weekend. Siri will even log your catch whilst you browse for better and better fishing gear to impress your angling friends.

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