Vault: The Linux Foundation's new storage-focused tradeshow

The Foundation aims to bring together the world’s leading developers in filesystems and storage in the Linux kernel.
Written by Steven Vaughan-Nichols, Senior Contributing Editor

Here's a secret that most server administrrators know, but few outside the datacenter and server room know: Most big data stores, and the cloud's petabytes of storage, are all based on Linux.


Amazon Web Services S3 storage and the like may look simple but behind the interface there's a complicated web of storage devices, services, and file systems based on Linux. In recognition of this, The Linux Foundation, has announced a new conference, Vault.

Vault's purpose, according to the Foundation is "to bring together the world’s leading developers in filesystems and storage in the Linux kernel with related projects to collaborate on continued innovation and education in this important space. Founding supporters of Vault include Facebook, IBM, NetApp, Omnibond, Red Hat, SanDisk, Seagate, and SUSE. The conference will take place March 11-12 at the Revere Hotel in Boston, MA."

In an email interview, Linux Foundation Chief Marketing Officer Amanda McPherson said, "Ninety percent of the world's data has been created in the last year. Virtually all of that data is being stored on Linux. As Cloud services, social media, big data, etc., have taken off, so have the demands on Linux in the storage and file systems areas. The developer event [Linux Storage, Filesystem and Memory Management Summit] we've hosted for years is limited to 80 people and sponsors can't send developers without invitations. We had so much demand from so many companies like Facebook, Twitter and financial services companies that I felt a stand-alone conference that would continue the conversation with the elite developers was needed."

Developers and technical users in the fields of Linux-related storage and file systems are invited to submit speaking proposals for Vault. Proposals are being sought on the following topics.

● Object, Block, and Filesystem Storage Architectures (Ceph, Swift, Cinder, Manilla, OpenZFS)
● Distributed, Clustered, and Parallel Storage Systems (GlusterFS, Ceph, Lustre, OrangeFS, XtreemFS, MooseFS, OCFS2, HDFS)
● Persistent Memory and Other New Hardware Technologies
● Filesystem Scaling Issues
● IT Automation and Storage Management (OpenLMI, Ovirt, Ansible)
● Client/server filesystems (NFS, Samba, pNFS)
● Big Data Storage
● Long-Term, Offline Data Archiving
● Data Compression and Storage Optimization
● Software-Defined Storage

Interesting in submitting a talk? The Linux Foundation is accepting storage proposals now.

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