Velocity Micro launches three NoteMagix Ultrabook laptops

Best known for its gaming systems, Velocity Micro enters the Ultrabook realm with a trio of 14-inch notebooks starting at $799.99.
Written by Sean Portnoy, Contributor

With CES approaching next month, things have been relatively quiet on the Ultrabook front lately. But Velocity Micro is ending 2012 with the launch of a trio of new NoteMagix laptops that uses the Intel notebook computing platform.

You may know the Velocity Micro brand from its gaming PCs, but you won't be doing much hard-core gaming on these NoteMagix Ultrabooks, all of which rely on the integrated Intel HD 4000 graphics that are part of their Ivy Bridge processors. The triplet of systems all feature 14-inch 1,366x768 screens and come with 4GB of RAM and built-in DVD burners.

At $799.99, the NoteMagix U430 includes the Core i3-3217U processor and both a 500GB hard drive and 24GB solid state drive for quick boot-ups, while the $899.99 U450 comes with a Core i5-3317U CPU and a 120GB SSD. For $200 more than the U450, the NoteMagix U470 packs a Core i7-3517U chip and 240GB SSD for storage. Velocity Micro claims each laptop weighs 4 pounds and includes Intel features like Rapid Start and Anti-Theft technologies, along with "6+ hours" of battery life.

For those who aren't sold on the virtues of Windows 8, you'll be happy to know that you can configure the NoteMagix Ultrabooks with either Windows 7 Home Premium or Windows 8 (with options for Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate or Windows 8 Professional at an additional cost). Velocity Micro also promises that the systems ship with no bloatware.

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