Vendor review site aims to rate tech companies

A website that allows users to share reviews and ratings of enterprise IT vendors, comes out of private beta.
Written by Nick Heath, Contributor

A website that describes itself as a Yelp-style review site for enterprise IT vendors has launched.

Vendor Stack, which came out of private beta on Monday, is a website that allows users to rate, review and ask questions about enterprise IT suppliers. The service will initially focus on vendors used by "middle-market enterprise and start-ups".

Each vendor has a dedicated page with reviews, current users and related questions. Vendors can be searched by name or category. Users can also search for a company to see which vendors it uses and any vendor reviews it has posted.

"If you ever tried Googling for something like CRM to do vendor diligence, you're going to be disappointed with the results. We believe as more enterprise consumers make independent purchasing decisions online, vendor discovery will increasingly become important," said David Cheng, co-founder of the San Francisco-based start-up.

"The traditional methodologies like looking for an analyst recommendation are broken, especially when the consumer markets have figured out the value of crowdsourced user-generated content. We built VendorStack to provide some transparency to the enterprise, where actual users can rate, review, ask and answer questions about their vendors."

The site includes listings of the vendors used by large web companies such as Facebook and eBay.

Vendor Stack also features a service that recommends vendors to users, based on their profile and its vendor database.

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