VeriSign touts secure mobile payments

The digital infrastructure vendor showcases its mobile commerce solutions for secure payment and identity protection.
Written by Farihan Bahrin, Contributor

VeriSign is seeking to extend its presence into the mobile market, demonstrating its latest mobile commerce and security technologies at the 3GSM Congress in Barcelona.

Among the technologies on show were VeriSign's Intelligent Portal Services and Intelligent Content Delivery Network--both form part of the company's digital content management solution.

The Intelligent Portal Services, said VeriSign in a statement, will enable media firms to create and deliver personalized communications services for mobile devices. The Intelligent Content Delivery Network is targeted at companies that want to deliver rich multimedia content to consumers.

Also under the spotlight was the Secure Mobile Device Management Service (SMDM), an over-the-air (OTA) security service that will allow operators, mobile virtual network operators and enterprises to manage mobile phone security remotely. According to VeriSign, businesses can use SMDM to perform remote data sweeps for lost or stolen devices, and conduct data backup to ensure new devices are updated with key information.

The digital infrastructure provider also took to the floor a host of new technologies designed to address the needs of businesses that want to implement mobile payment.

VeriSign claimed that the platform will allow service providers to deliver services enabling their customers to perform a variety of financial transactions on their mobile devices, including making purchases from a vending machine, transferring funds between savings and checking accounts, and saving and redeeming coupons.

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