Virus Top 10: Zafi-B dominates

Should you blame the press?

Should you blame the press?

It seems the virus writers have been struggling to come up with new ways to keep users PCs infected - the top 10 viruses for September are dominated by the usual suspects.

According to statistics on most-reported malware from antivirus company Sophos, the number one virus for September is Zafi-B - which has stayed at the top spot since it first surfaced back in June.

It's run close for the number one position by another old-timer, Netsky-P, which made its debut in March. The percentage of infections made by Netsky-P is actually growing - last month is was just 18 per cent, against Zafi-B's 47 per cent. Variants of the mass-mailer Netsky still make up six of the top 10 viruses despite having initially been seen in the wild back in February.

Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at Sophos, said the Zafi-B may be doing so well because it never attracted the notoriety as other high profile malware.

"I wonder if the lack of media interest in Zafi-B has contributed to its success," he said. "It's never really made the headlines in the same way that Netsky and Sasser worms have done this year - and that might be part of the reason why people have been more laid back about protecting against it."

September's virus chart in full:

1. Zafi-B 30.5 per cent
2. Netsky-P 26.7 per cent
3. Netsky-D 6.1 per cent
4. Netsky-Z 5.5 per cent
5. Bagle-AA 3.8 per cent
6. MyDoom-O 3.6 per cent
7. Netsky-B 3.5 per cent
8. Netsky-Q 2.7 per cent
9. Lovgate-V 2.6 per cent
10. Netsky-C 2.0 per cent
Others 13.0 per cent