Vista launch: What a joke

If you ever meet Microsoft Australia's Jeff Putt, kindly ask him to return the office equipment he keeps stealing.

If you ever meet Microsoft Australia's director for Windows clients Jeff Putt, kindly ask him to return the office equipment he keeps stealing from the software giant's offices.

At the Windows Vista launch event in Sydney yesterday, comedians Hamish and Andy invited the Microsoft exec on stage to demonstrate the operating system, asking the audience to please welcome Jeff 'steals heaps of office supplies' Putt.

The duo joked Putt wasn't aware of the nickname, but the rest of Microsoft was.

The gag was one of many directed at Microsoft by the wise-cracking hosts throughout the two hour long launch of Vista's consumer versions.

The pair initially greeted media by informing us the day's event was run by a small, boutique company operating out of the United States. The staff had even made the Vista product "all by themselves", according to Hamish and Andy.

Impressive indeed.

Continuing to build the suspense, the pair mentioned the Microsoft US heavies that were of course behind the product, before baiting us with the news that founder Bill Gates ... would not be here.

Then it was onto the first big announcement. This would set the stage for the day and several other technological advancements to be announced.

Acutely aware of the high-powered capabilities of the new operating system, Hamish and Andy chose to announce to the world that yes, the new Windows Vista would include brand new versions of Solitaire and MineSweeper.

The world can rest easy.

Jeff Putt
Jeff Putt, Microsoft Australia Windows clients director

Hamish and Andy
Comedians Hamish and Andy