VMware combines services for new Modern Apps Connectivity platform

The new offering from VMware integrates the NSX Advanced Load Balancer with Tanzu Service Mesh


VMware on Wednesday announced it's rolling out a new platform that unifies two products for end-to-end application connectivity. The Modern Apps Connectivity platform combines VMware's Tanzu Service Mesh with the NSX Advanced Load Balancer. 

The new offering should help organizations with the challenges they run up against as they try to move new, modernized applications into production. More specifically, it can give them a platform for managing connectivity and security across hybrid environments and hybrid app architectures.

"People think that moving to Kubernetes and to a modern app transformation is a greenfield proposition," VMware CTO Pere Monclus said to ZDNet. However, he said, "When enterprises put the environment into production, they realize it's not just making networking and security work on Kubernetes. How do you connect to VMs, existing applications, to cloud services you may be using. That has been the big gap we've seen with customers."


The integrated product offers a single frame of management for unified policies, monitoring, visualizations, and observability. Specifically, users can take advantage of application delivery services like enterprise-grade L4 load balancing, an ingress controller, global load balancing (GSLB), web application security, integrated IPAM and DNS, end-to-end service visibility and encryption, as well as an extensible policy framework for intelligent traffic management and security. 

It's a platform-agnostic solution that works across cloud and on-premise environments. It currently works with VMware Tanzu, Amazon EKS, and upstream Kubernetes, and it's in preview with Red Hat OpenShift, Microsoft Azure AKS, and Google GKE. 

Some of the reasons customers may have for leveraging the platform include connecting Kubernetes applications across VMs, ensuring app continuity and resiliency, and providing security all the way from the end user to the backend data. 

The Modern Apps Connectivity offering fits in with the Modern Network Framework Vmware unveiled last year, which is about creating a network build around the needs of the application and managing infrastructure to meet those needs.