VMware joins Microsoft support scheme

VMware has said it is 'proud' to be taking part in Microsoft's Server Virtualization Validation Program

VMware has agreed to take part in Microsoft's Server Virtualization Validation Program (SVVP).

The move came a day after Microsoft relaxed its own rules on software licensing for virtualised systems in a bid to encourage growth in the market. The new rules allow organisations to move virtualised systems around their companies without the need for costly delays due to licensing restrictions. At the same time as introducing the new rules, Microsoft also updated its technical support.

The updated support gives customers access to technical support when installing applications on Microsoft Hyper-V or any third-party, validated virtualisation platform. Third-party platforms include those from companies like Cisco, Citrix, Novell, Sun and Virtual Iron.

ESX is one of VMware's hypervisors for virtualisation and, as of Tuesday, Microsoft certification is required by organisations wanting support — hence the requirement for VMware to deal with Microsoft.

While the deal is driven by necessity, VMware put the best possible spin on it. "VMware is proud to be a part of SVVP," said Carl Eschenbach, vice president of worldwide field operations, in a statement on Tuesday. "Today's announcements from Microsoft are good news for VMware customers."

He continued: "VMware is looking forward to working closely with Microsoft to complete the certification of VMware ESX under the SVVP programme, to provide customers [with] the support they need to gain the flexibility and benefits of working in virtualised environments."