VMware offers virtual wiki application

MindTouch's Deki helps businesses share information and collaborate using easily set up and maintained wiki applications
Written by Colin Barker, Contributor on

MindTouch has become the first company to be officially certified by VMware as a supplier of virtualised wiki software.

Certification means that the MindTouch Deki product, which allows organisations to easily install and set up workgroup and collaboration applications, is certified to work with the complete range of VMware virtualisation software, MindTouch said.

Using the software, companies can create complete applications that are pre-installed and pre-configured and run on any Windows or Linux operating system.

Scalable from small departments to large organisations, Deki runs on top of VMware Player or other VMware products and should cut the time and expense of traditional applications. It should also help to cut the number of IT staff needed for installation, configuration, support and maintenance.

Users should also be able to move applications around more easily and shift content from machine to machine or to removable storage devices of up to 100GB.

A full product licence for five users starts at $995 (£515). Alternatively, businesses can take out a free five-user trial, although the free trial does not include software updates and fixes, support or certain advanced features, such as Outlook Connector.  

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