Vocus buys iBOSS and One Telecom business

Vocus Communications has emerged as the buyer of iBOSS and One Telecom’s business after the administration last Friday of the two telecommunications wholesalers and their parent company, AsiaPAC.

Vocus Communications has announced it is the buyer of iBOSS and One Telecom’s business after the administratio n of the two telecommunications wholesalers and their parent company, AsiaPAC, last Friday.

"The businesses and customers of iBOSS International Pty Ltd and One Telecom Pty Ltd, including the ONEseniors customers, have today been acquired by the Vocus Communications group," the company said in a statement.

The Australian-listed telecommunications provider told customers today that there had been "significant delays" in acquiring the assets of the two companies, but that it was now working with wholesalers and resellers of iBOSS.

However, it said that it could not guarantee that all services could be reactivated.

"For wholesale customers, Vocus has been working proactively with wholesalers and resellers of iBOSS and has contracted and restored close to 10,000 services. Affected wholesale customers should contact Vocus directly," the company said in its statement.

James Spenceley, CEO of Vocus, said that the company was "only now beginning to unravel the complex ownership and supply relationships previously in place".

"The disconnection of tens of thousands of retail customers (ONEseniors and One Telecom) is a blight on an otherwise strong and competitive telecommunications industry," he said. "The decision to place these companies into administration arises from court proceedings to resolve personal disputes between the owners and has resulted in a worst case outcome for their customers, especially the ONEseniors customers."

Vocus said that, since the appointment of administrators on Friday last week, it had "worked tirelessly to expedite restoring services to as many customers as possible, as quickly as possible".

"We understand that not having a telephone or internet service is difficult and we can assure you there will be no contract termination penalties for those who find an alternate provider," said Spenceley.

The announcement follows Monday's confirmation from the administrator of iBOSS and One Telecom, Ferrier Hodgson, that an unnamed buyer for the companies had been confirmed.

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