Waitrose gets WAPed

Consumers will be able to grocery shop via mobile phone as Waitrose becomes the first supermarket chain to offer WAP services Friday.
Written by Justin Pearse, Contributor on

It has signed a deal with Bob Geldof's WapWorld wireless ISP to offer customers the chance to purchase goods and services over a WAP-enabled mobile phone.

The supermarket says that it expects much of its initial wireless trade to consist of last minute, emergency purchases. "From the moment we embraced the Web we vowed to be at the forefront," stated Mark Price, Waitrose marketing director, "To be the first UK retailer to trade e-commerce on WAP is a huge opportunity for Waitrose."

The initial service will allow customers to purchase flowers and wine, locate their nearest store and receive a recipe a day. Waitrose launched its free ISP and e-commerce service last September.

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