Walabot DIY Plus wants to be the ultimate stud finder for your home projects

This smartphone accessory can now see through lath and plaster to identify studs, wires, and pipes.
Written by Jason Cipriani, Contributing Writer
Image: Walabot

Vayyar Imaging on Tuesday announced a successor to the Walabot DIY, a small Android phone accessory that can scan and identify what's behind the drywall in your home. Think of Walabot DIY as a really fancy stud finder -- only instead of turning on a light and beeping, Walabot DIY uses your Android phone to show you what is behind the wall, and in the case of pipes or wiring, where it goes.

Up until now, the Walabot DIY has been able to see through drywall and concrete to help locate studs, wiring, and pipes to help with small home projects. The Walabot DIY Plus can scan and identify objects through walls up to four inches thick.

Starting with the Walabot DIY Plus, lath and plaster have been added to that list as well. According to Vayyar Imaging, lath and plaster are used in one-out-of-five households in the US, opening up the number of potential customers for Walabot DIY Plus.

The DIY Plus has a slightly redesigned housing that should make it easier to move across the wall, but it's still limited to Android phones via an OTG connection. Once connected to your phone, you calibrate the reader on your wall, then move it across the wall, and look for either photos of objects behind your wall or a heat map indicating it's found an object. Walabot even advertises being able to find rodents with the DIY and DIY Plus. 

Additionally, the Walabot DIY Plus can create a map of a scanned area, showing everything that was detected inside your wall. The map will even provide the distance between the various objects with a ruler tool. 

You can order the Walabot DIY Plus starting today for $89.

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