Webinar: Windows 8 - love it, hate it, or 'it’s complicated'

In an hour-long ZDNet webinar held on May 16th at high noon, Ed Bott explored Windows 8 implementation strategies for IT decision makers.

Windows 8: Love it, Hate it or "it's Complicated"?

Microsoft's latest operating system, Windows 8, is one of the most polarising tech products of all time. Some people love it, others hate it — and both sides have been highly vocal about it, too.

On May 16, popular ZDNet contributors Phil Dobbie and Ed Bott held a highly informative webinar that tackled the issues IT professionals need to know about Windows 8.

This webinar discussed:

  • Features you need to know about
  • How much training is needed for IT pros and other office employees
  • When is the next big update arriving?
  • Should you deploy Windows 8 now, wait for Windows 8.1, or stick with what you have?