Webinar: Windows 8 - love it, hate it, or 'it’s complicated'

In an hour-long ZDNet webinar held on May 16th at high noon, Ed Bott explored Windows 8 implementation strategies for IT decision makers.
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Microsoft's latest operating system, Windows 8, is one of the most polarising tech products of all time. Some people love it, others hate it — and both sides have been highly vocal about it, too.

On May 16, popular ZDNet contributors Phil Dobbie and Ed Bott held a highly informative webinar that tackled the issues IT professionals need to know about Windows 8.

This webinar discussed:

  • Features you need to know about
  • How much training is needed for IT pros and other office employees
  • When is the next big update arriving?
  • Should you deploy Windows 8 now, wait for Windows 8.1, or stick with what you have?
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