Weird but useful iOS 15 trick that allows you to download multiple images from your browser (and much more)

Got a lot of images to download? Here's how you can do it quickly and easily. And it can do much more.

Several readers sent me a link to a tweet by TopTechGeek showing a really weird, really odd, but actually quite useful iOS 15 trick.

The trick allows you to download multiple images from the browser -- I've tested Safari, Brave, and Chrome -- and save them into your Photos app.

Here's TopTechGeek explaining how the trick works.

It's a really interesting trick. I'm not sure if it's a bug or a feature, and it's quite specific (for example, it doesn't seem to work properly with animated GIFs).

I've been able to replicate this in the Mail app for downloading images from emails, also copying multiple links and dropping them into Notes. I can also grab multiple images from Photos and drop them into other apps.

I can use this in the Files app to select a whole bunch of files and move them to another folder.

It's interesting, and works well when it works, and yet it seems that it only works with certain apps (mostly Apple apps).

It's quite a nice use of touch functionality. I wish Apple would use this more.

Now excuse me while I download all the cat photos out there… I mean, test this feature out in other apps.