Welcome Google to your Digital Home!

Google wants you in its Cloud today. Tomorrow, make way for Google in your Digital Home!

Google wants you in its Cloud today. Tomorrow, make way for Google in your Digital Home!

LG, “Life’s Good,” so touts LG Electronics, and it will undoubtedly be even better when things get Googley, in the LG + G for Google home of the future!

Think “Ten Commandments” Google is satisfied with a mere adding “extra value to consumers with enhanced mobile Internet experiences,” in its collaboration with LG Electronics?

Think again, Googler style.

In the LG-G (double G for enhanced by Google) Digital Home, refrigerators will not just “store food,” they will “store information,” as in capture “unforgettable memories” with a TV Refrigerator!:

Have cooking time with your friends on weekends. Not a good chef? Don’t worry. With a recipe from a TV-refrigerator, you will enjoy cooking from preparing ingredients to garnishing your dish. 

Imagine, while cooking, you can check your daily schedule, take a look at the weather forecast, and decide what to wear. This will save time during your hectic morning. LG Electronics innovative digital technology is here to make this imagination really happen. The LCD display on the surface of the refrigerator will let you search favorite recipes and get real time weather updates. The digital memo feature will let you leave brief messages and remind you of important events. You can even enjoy a fabulous opera concert over dinner by simply connecting the refrigerator to a DVD player. 

LG Electronics positions itself as a “cutting-edge digital technology” provider: "Digital Communications Technology of LG , the Messenger of Happiness.” 

LG already offers “digital experience” TV Refrigerator, as well as Robot Cleaner and Radio & Messenger Microwave Oven. Through the just announced “mobile experience” partnership with Google, LG will also be: 

Further extending collaboration to develop digitalized home in the future. 

As I said in “Google’s Ten Commandments,” Google knows where you LIVE, work, play…




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