Welcome new Intelligent Energy editor Mark Halper

Say hello to new Intelligent Energy editor Mark Halper, SmartPlanet's first foreign correspondent.

If you haven't already noticed, we're kicking it into high gear on SmartPlanet . That's especially true with regard to cleantech, which now has its own vertical on the site's navigation bar.

Our first shot out of the gate also happens to be our first foreign correspondent: Mark Halper.

Based in the United Kingdom, Mark has written about everything from media moguls to subatomic particles. As such, you've likely read his work in TIME, Fortune, Forbes, New York Times, WiredFinancial Times and others.

For SmartPlanet, he'll be writing about renewable energy and policy as it pertains to Europe -- but we've given him carte blanche to dive into news from other continents, too.

And dive he has. Here are some recent stories he's written for us already:

Quite frankly, this fellow is on fire, already filing stories from Amsterdam and Milan in his first two weeks. We're excited to see what he unearths about new technology in the old country, and you should be, too.

Please welcome him!

--The Editors

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