Welcome to SmartPlanet's science blog: Science Scope

Welcome to SmartPlanet's newest blog, Science Scope. From astronomy to zoology, scientist-turned-journalist Boonsri Dickinson will cover the latest scientific discoveries and help us understand how they will change our world.
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Welcome to SmartPlanet's newest blog, Science Scope!

When it comes to smart ideas that impact the world around you, scientific discovery is surely at the forefront. From biology to chemistry, physics to astronomy and genetics to psychology, the many fields that make up "science" are ripe with inventions that make our world run more smoothly.

To bring us the newest lab innovations, we'll need a scientist of our own to translate.

Enter Boonsri Dickinson.

Boonsri is a chemical engineer-turned-science journalist who hails from Florida. She's gone dinosaur hunting in the badlands of Montana, had her DNA decoded in the name of ancestry and investigated the dangers of cell phone radiation for such publications as Discover magazine, The Huffington Post, Forbes, Nature Biotech, Technewsdaily.com, Techstartups.com and AOL.

A graduate of the University of Florida and the University of Colorado at Boulder, she's now a resident of New York City.

Please welcome her!

--The Editors

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