What are your plans for the Windows 8 beta? (poll)

Over the past few months, Windows 8 has been publicly demoed and discussed in detail more than any other software program I can remember. Has all that information made you more eager to try Windows 8? Or are you starting to feel post-PC ennui? Vote in my poll, and help me focus my coverage.

The last time Microsoft released a Windows beta was in January 2009. That early release of Windows 7 attracted three million users, and it got generally favorable reviews, including word-of-mouth feedback.

Windows 8 has already been shown off thoroughly in well-rehearsed public demos. The very-much-unfinished Windows 8 Developer Preview, released last September, has been downloaded more than three million times. It's been sliced and diced and dissected, inside and outside Redmond. On the Building Windows 8 blog Microsoft has delivered a veritable firehose of information about what's coming next.

Has all that information made you more eager to try Windows 8? Or are you starting to feel post-PC ennui?

This isn't the place for a scientific poll, of course, but I am interested in gauging the response of my regular readers to this impending release. Help me out by recording your vote in this poll. If none of the answers is quite right, choose the one that's closest.

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I'll be doing what I always do when this beta comes out, which is to install it on a wide variety of hardware, beat the crap out of it, and document my findings.

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