What do you think the 'iPad 3' will be called?

In reality, the name won't matter one bit.

I'm throwing a question from today's mailbox out to you, dear readers.

‘What do you think the iPad 3' will actually end up being called come the unveiling?'

With the expected announcement of the next-generation iPad now less than a week away, there's a lot of speculation in the tech media about what Apple will call this new device. iPad 3 seems to be the favorite, but I've seen quite a few other names suggested. Personally, I think it will be called iPad 3 but I'll throw the best of the rest into a poll so you can choose which you think Apple will pick.

What I will say is this. The name is nowhere near as important as pundits make it out to be. I remember at the launch of the iPhone 4S how some in the tech media declared that Apple had killed sales by daring not to call it the iPhone 5. Did the name make a difference? No. What actually happened was that Apple went on to blow away the competition and sell a record number of handsets.

Those of you with long memories will remember that critics made the same comment about the iPad when the name was first announced, commenting on how it was a stupid name and that it sounded like feminine hygiene product. Did the name matter? Not one bit.

Bottom line, Apple could call the iPad 3 anything at all and the device would still sell as fast as they come off the production line.

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