Where have we heard this before?

Every time I read another news article about 180solutions like this one, I have deja vu.
Written by Suzi Turner, Contributor

Every time I read another news article about 180solutions like this one, I have deja vu.

Fewer people will unwittingly download advertising software from adware maker 180solutions, the company said Tuesday as it launched a new software product that detects fraud more effectively than earlier offerings.

Another article here describes 180's new S3 (Safe and Secure Search) technology that features a Closed Loop System (CLS).

"The real-time feedback provided by the CLS program cuts off the financial incentive for unapproved installations by allowing 180solutions to evaluate the legitimacy of installations prior to making payments to the partner," 180solutions says.

Oh, here's a great quote:

"Our mission is to offer consumers free, ad-supported software and content that will inevitably include content that is horribly offensive to some but drop dead funny to others. We are not in the censorship game," Sundwall added.

Could he be referring to the porn sites, crack site and racist site where 180solutions' software has been seen?  My, but this company's business practices and PR statements remind me of an alcoholic's (or any addict's) behavior. The alcoholic goes on a binge, gets horribly drunk, beats his/her spouse and kids, kicks the dog, doesn't show up at work, spends the night in jail.  Then s/he is contrite, apologetic, self-effacing, repentant and totally conscience-stricken. S/he begs forgiveness of everyone s/he hurt and promises never, never, ever to drink again.  Until the next time when the cycle begins again.  With 180solutions, we see a rash of news stories about naughty affiliates, blog posts and videos of bad installs, then we see the new PR campaign and news articles about how 180 is cleaning up their act

Really guys, this is getting old. Very. Very. Old.

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