Why you should never trust a zipped laptop bag, even if it's padlocked

A lot of people asking me why I choose a hard case to carry my laptop and other valuables in as opposed to a zipped laptop bag where the zip can be secured with a padlock. It's because zips are horribly insecure.

I'm just going to come out and say it - if you're the sort of person who uses a little padlock to secure the zips on your laptop bad or suitcase, you're pretty much wasting your time.

All it's going to protect your stuff from is honest people.

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Now you might be thinking that the problem with padlocking the zip pullers together is an issue to do with the padlock, and if you fit a better padlock, you'll be safer. Again, you're wrong. It's nothing to do with the padlock, but instead an issue - a vulnerability, if you want to call it that - with the zipper itself.

Using nothing more than a pen, it's trivially easy to split a zipper open, grab the contents out of a bag, and then use the zip pullers to rejoin the zipper, making it look like nothing has happened.

This is why I carry my laptop and other valuables in a hard plastic case that's fitted with hasps. Sure, it's heavier and a bit more hassle, but it gives me much greater security against opportunist thieves.

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