Windows 7 party hosting video bad, but spoofs are pretty good

The Microsoft "Host Your Party" for the Windows 7 launch is so contrived as not seem real. Maybe it isn't. You be the judge. by John Dodge
Written by John Dodge, Contributor

Microsoft is being soundly ridiculed for a 6 minute and 14 second video urging Windows users to host Windows 7 launch parties. The video called "Hosting Your Party." See it below.

I have watched the video and so have nearly a million other who've watched it on Youtube. It's reeeeally baaaad. As CNET pundit Brian Cooley says, "it's bad for humanity."

I'll let an expert sum it up. The quote below is from a story in Wired.com which said the parties were to be put on between Oct. 22-29. Windows 7 debuts to the public Oct. 22 and unlike the video, has generally received decent reviews.

“This is so beyond-belief bad that I just cannot believe it’s for real,” said Barbara Lippert, ad critic for Ad Week. “They think that the product is like Obama, that people will want to host parties in their houses because it’s so great. But the script is so fake, with all the sales messages in there… if this is what they think is hip, it’s just so sad — and poignant.”

The one good thing to come out of this is fodder for spoofs. The second whose intro title is "Hosting Your  Sex Party" video below is a spoof on the original and it's hilarious. The audio in another is overlayed with expletives.

One of the video's four casts members who are gathered around a kitchen counter talking about how to stage the parties says "Can you believe that Microsoft put the launch of Windows 7 in our hands?"

No, I can't.

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