Windows '97: Inso shows Web management tools

The Windows Show '97 saw the first European appearance of Inso Corporation's Dynabase Web management system.
Written by Mike Atkins, Contributor

Dynabase has two component parts: the Content Manager and the Application Server. The Content Manager enables teams of Web content developers to work together using their preferred choice of authoring tools and provides version control, remote authoring and link management.

The Application Server generates dynamic Web pages in real time so that information can be formatted into house style or pages can be customised for individual users.

Dynabase will be available in March for Windows NT and Solaris operating systems and will integrate with both Netscape and Microsoft environments. Target pricing is around £7,000 for the Content Manager and £30,000 for the Application server.

"We expect customers to be corporates with existing sites with management problems, or those who need to provide personalised pages" said Richard Swann, European corporate sales manager for Inso.

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